Speed and SEO


Hosting solution. The initial step involves assessing your hosting solution. Generally, the hosting provider doesn't pose a significant issue, provided it's a reputable brand. However, there might be opportunities for enhancement worth exploring

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Evaluate Images and Videos. The subsequent stage involves a meticulous assessment of all images and videos to ensure they are appropriately compressed and sized for optimal performance on the site. It's crucial, as incorrectly sized media elements often contribute significantly to a site's lag in speed.

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Evaluate Metadata. The third stage entails a comprehensive review of metadata across all pages, ensuring adherence to best practices. Proper meta tags are vital for a high SEO score and better page indexing in searches. A lack of them can significantly impact your search ranking.

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Evaluate Code Best Practices. During the fourth stage, we meticulously examine the source code to ensure compliance with best practices. Violations, such as anchor tags lacking text or aria-labels, header tags not in descending order, or unlabeled input fields, often impact page scores. Addressing these errors promptly can significantly enhance overall page scores.

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Evaluate Accessibility. Step five involves conducting an in-depth evaluation of website accessibility. Accessibility plays a pivotal role in achieving an outstanding page score. Key concerns include insufficient color contrast, improperly ordered header tags, or unlabeled input fields. Rectifying these issues in the source code can notably elevate the overall page score.

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Monthly Retainer. Finally, as an added service, you have the option to opt for a monthly retainer. This entails hassle-free handling of any updates, be it image revisions, content changes, or even page additions. There are no binding contracts involved—simply shoot an email with your requirements, and I'll swiftly implement the necessary changes, ensuring a seamless web experience.

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